Trip List

Tri-Grace Ministries, Utah

Partner with a college ministry engaging students in evangelical outreach as you share the light of Christ and reach across cultural borders in Mormon Utah. Trip Deposit: $50. Total cost of trip: $300

Beach Reach, Texas

Provide a Christian witness to fellow college students with Beach Reach! Help serve free pancake breakfasts, provide safe rides for those who party all night, and share the gospel with students your age on South Padre Island. Trip Deposit: $50. Total cost of trip: $300

MMS Aviation, Ohio

Interested in aviation maintenance? At MMS Aviation, you can be directly involved in assisting with maintenance, modification, and repair of missionary aircraft. Trip Deposit: $50. Total cost of trip: $300

JAARS, North Carolina

Have mechanical skills? Use them here! Serve JAARS, a mission’s aviation center, by helping with the repair and maintenance of missionary aircraft. Trip Deposit: $50. Total cost of trip: $300

Colonia Outreach (Construction), Texas

One-third of the residents of the Texan border live in extreme poverty. Buckner Ministries has helped rural settlers move from spontaneously set up structures made from cardboard or canvas, to code approved, safe dwellings. We will serve alongside Buckner to assist in special construction projects and painting projects. Our ministry is one of service, as our assistance will help people to continue to support their families and live in greater safety. Trip Deposit: $50. Total cost of trip: $300

Colonia Outreach (Children's Ministry), Texas

Spend the week with children of the "colonias." In partnership with Buckner International, we will plan and conduct a ministry outreach to kids in the community through a local church. We will be sharing the Gospel of Christ through story times, crafts, and games! Trip Deposit: $50. Total cost of trip: $300

LightSys Technology Services, Colorado Spring

Use your IT skills in missions work! Serve alongside Lightsys as they serve missionaries and ministry organizations through technical support! Trip Deposit: $50. Total cost of trip: $300

Mexico City, Mexico

Working with One Mission Society at a drop-in youth center for street kids. Limit of 8 students with no special diets. Participants will pay trip fee and airfare.

HCJB, Elkhart, Indiana

The HCJB Technology Center provides missionary organizations with technical support, low cost radio broadcasting equipment, and other forms of custom engineered products exclusively for use by Christian missionaries to spread the gospel around the world. The fulltime missionary engineers at HCJB have set aside a variety of necessary technical projects which our LETU team will assist them with. This is a hands-on mission trip especially for students interested in Computer Science or Electrical or Mechanical Engineering.

OM Ships (Operation Mobilization, Florence, N

Brand new trip! Serve Operation Mobilization (OM) by helping them to handle and package literature for their international Christian library ship--Logos Hope. Additional opportunities to evangelize and minister will also be readily available on this trip.

The Master's Mission, North Carolina

The Master's Mission is located on 1500 acres in mountains of Western North Carolina. We have approximately 40 missionary families in 12 nations of the world. Prior to serving overseas, we ensure that our missionaries are prepared for a lifetime of service by having them successfully complete an eleven month Biblical and Technical Missionary Training Program.